Property Management

Property Management

Boracay Heights has a Property Management Service available to all owners of Junior Villas and Condominiums. The highly professional Management Team offers a unique combination of first-class property services designed to ensure that living on the Resort is as carefree and enjoyable as possible.

Tailor made property management solutions for your peace of mind

The Management Team places great value on Owners’ peace of mind and has set excellent standards of personal customer care. Offering tailor-made solutions, the team is delighted to listen to your suggestions and accommodate your requests in the best possible way. The Property Management Team is located at the Resort and can be at your property within minutes. This means that any general issues can be addressed immediately and, what’s more, owners know they can count on us in the event of an emergency. We are offering a wide variety of property management services.

Housekeeping Services

Property Management delivers quality Housekeeping Support Services to a wide choice of property types.

24 Hour Security Service

Security services offered via our new on site control room to give you peace of mind. We are the only security company to monitor alarm systems – 24/7. Why not choose our “Home Alarm Package” giving you peace of mind and also providing excellent value for money.

Pool Maintenance

Our Pool Cleaning and Equipment Maintenance Service aims to keep your swimming pool in immaculate condition. The service carried out two times per week.

Garden Maintenance

If you would like to create a new garden, upgrade your existing one or make sure that your garden always looks fabulous throughout the year, then look no further.

General Maintenance

Our comprehensive Maintenance Service involves an inspection, repairs, help with home improvement, interior design, fixtures and fittings and more. Find out details on the following page.

Property Administration

Property Management delivers quality Administration Support to a wide choice of property types.